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Suzanne Marshall

On assisting her teacher in ballet classes from the age of 10, Suzanne knew then that she wanted to teach dance and movement. Following teacher training at the Royal Academy of Dance, London and a professional ballet career, she turned her focus to instructing in the fitness world. An unexpected relocation to India for 5 yrs drew Suzanne into yoga classes. Two intensive but enlightening yoga teacher training courses later, Suzanne had found her new path.

Teaching in Perth since 2008, Suzanne still feels gratitude for the balance, joy and support that yoga gives her in her daily life. She has a special passion for reaching out to studio newcomers, welcoming them to the mat with her friendly and inclusive nature. Suzanne’s style focuses on creating a balanced yoga practice, building strength, stability and mobility into key muscle groups during the class that prep and support the postures.

Suzanne continues to learn, explore and ask questions. Her curiosity of the body and mind tempts her to participate in courses with well-established teachers from around the world. Suzanne is also a Remedial Massage Therapist, Reiki 2 practitioner and a photographer in her spare time.

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