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Tanya Cory

I found Yoga over 12 years ago, after my first child was born unwell. A deep need for guidance in mindfulness & meditation lead me to Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga with a great Ashtanga teacher, Morrison McQueen. I instantly became a dedicated practitioner. After years of developing a consistent self-practise, and coming to know the healing & joyful affects of yoga in my life - I knew I had to share this gift with others. I have been a certified instructor in the fitness industry for 14 years, with most of my later qualifications & teaching focused on Mat Pilates & Yoga. I have been a Yoga teacher for 6 years and am a certified Vinyasa teacher, most recently gaining further education through the Yoga Vine. Though the physical rewards of a consistent yoga practise are many, and absolutely an integral part of the journey inwards - the inner stillness, feelings of a deeper connection to  oneself and others, and a joyous love of life - are the true gifts of Yoga. I feel so grateful everyday to share this practise with others. 

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